Before married, I was always thinking about what the profession will do after marriage. Doing roles as a wife and mom while still working as a professional home-based, that way I can handling everything. Could it be?

My background education from majoring in communications with subject study learn how to give people understanding and how to make them sure and follow our point. It means there is an activity meet in people. Starting from that time, I looked for the future profession fit according to my imagination hardly.

In early 2000, the application of the internet undeveloped like nowadays, it was popularly used for email, chatting, playing games, reading news, browsing, listening to music. As long as I remember, there was no remote job at that time around me.

Until the presence of social media, namely Facebook and Twitter, was followed by the popularity of blog or website creation, came a remote profession. The professions are admin social media, buzzer, web developer, content creation, SEO consultant, etc. This is further strengthened by the presence of Instagram and the popularity of YouTube, making professional choices wider. Working in an office is no longer the only option for making money and appreciate it professionally.

Convenience is further supporting by the presence of a video conference platform so that distance is no longer a problem for face-to-face communication.

After gathering all the information about the internet and how supposed to do, I thought my dream profession is getting closer, only need to deepen my expertise to the field that will pursue, and combine it with existing knowledge.

You know it’s a long search and waits.

And today, here I am, stay at home, doing my role as a mom, and work as a professional. Unfortunately in a while of learning to improve my abilities, I failed to keep going to my marriage and ended up divorcing. Therefore I wish to get rewards from the universe as a GREAT MOM and a PROFESSIONAL worker home-based. Aamiin.